Do you want to make money assembling products from home? If YES, here are 34 good companies that will pay you to work from home assembling their products. A very good percentage of home-based product assembling jobs online are scams.

Indeed legitimate work-at-home opportunities exist, but scams are more plentiful. After all, the economics of product manufacturing means that most companies will either assemble products in-house or contract to a factory overseas. The fact that most product assembly jobs are scams shouldn’t deter you from seeking home-based employment.

Many legitimate options exist for freelancers, contract and remote workers. Even though what you had in mind when you started researching work at home assembly opportunities probably doesn’t exist, there are good ways to earn money assembling things. That’s especially the case if you’re creative or have handyman skills.

3 Ways You Can Make Money Working from Home for Companies

a.  Work for a Company Assembling Products for Customers

First, you can work for a company assembling products for customers. You won’t be working from your home, but you will have flexibility; and if you like building things it’s a way to get paid to do it.

If you enjoy putting things together, there are jobs available for assembling things like exercise machines, bikes, grills, furniture, sports equipment, swing sets, electronics equipment, and anything else you can think of that people buy, but don’t want to build or install themselves.

b. Work at a Large Retail Store

You can also choose to work at a large retailer like Wal-Mart or Home Depot that offers assembly services, or sign up to be a home service provider for companies that offer assembly services for the products they sell. Some companies also hire workers to repair products as well as build them.

You can sign up for Amazon Home Services, list your services on other sites and apps that provide in-home assembly and repair services, post on Craigslist in the service section, respond to inquiries on NextDoor, and mention your availability to everyone you know.

c. Work as a Freelancer

Another option is to work as a freelancer or small business. If you’re interested in crafting, for example, you can sell set up an Etsy, eBay, ArtFire, or Handmade by Amazon shop. Even though it all depends on what you’re making, there are many options for selling your goods on a third-party website or your own blog or site.

However, here are product assembling jobs by companies in the United States and the contact of the companies; as curated from But it is advisable you view the company’s website, contact and verify all information before you agree to any business dealings.

34 Products That Companies are Willing to Pay You to Assemble Them from Home

1. Lapel Pins

This particular home assembly job requires you to make “Angel Lapel Pins” made out of wired ribbon, wire beads, no sewing involved. With no quota’s or time frames imposed on you and a money back guarantee, this is a wonderful opportunity for anyone seeking product assembly jobs. They will pay $2.50 for each completed Angel Pin.

  • Contact: Valerie’s Hattery Inc., Phone: (231) 421-5157, Address: PO Box 5250, Traverse City, MI 49696-5250
  • Website:,

2. Angel Creations

These upper-scale country angels are quite easy to assemble. They are 16 inches high and made of muslin, paper twist, and strings of pearls, ribbon and roses. The only tool needed is a pair of scissors. Valerie’s Hattery pays $14.00 for 12 angels made. They provide all materials needed.

  • Contact: Valerie’s Hattery Inc., Phone: (231) 421-5157, Address: PO Box 5250, Traverse City, MI 49696-5250
  • Website:,

3. Potpourri Bonnets

Valerie’s Hattery also assembles little potpourri bonnets. No experience is needed. They will pay $16.00 for 12 bonnets and since each one can be completed in 5 minutes you can make easy money in just one hour.

  • Contact: Valerie’s Hattery Inc., Phone: (231) 421-5157, Address: PO Box 5250, Traverse City, MI 49696-5250
  • Website:,

4. Bookmark-It Assemble

Valerie’s Hattery also pays $10.00 for every 40 bookmarks you send them. Note that these bookmarks are made with only 3 materials and require no sewing! Materials are free! They have a customer phone line, accept all major credit cards, have a great refund policy and they are members of the Better Business Bureau, and have been in business since 1991.

  • Contact: Valerie’s Hattery Inc., Phone: (231) 421-5157, Address: PO Box 5250, Traverse City, MI 49696-5250
  • Website:,

5. Beaded Jewellery

ARTISAN is one of the biggest home assembly companies in the U.S. and has been retailing and wholesaling handcrafted jewellery for many years. This company seeks individuals to produce their jewellery designs and will pay $155.00 for a half set (30 pairs) of earrings that are made according to their standards.

You can earn a maximum of $310.00 per week. Artisan remains the only jewellery home assembly company that uses one simple basic technique in all its designs. This technique is based on simple American Indian Beaded Jewellery.

They pay $7.00 to $20.00 each and offer individuals the opportunity to make unlimited production. No experience is necessary. This home assembly job welcomes beginners. They offer you 50 different styles of earrings to choose from. They have been in business since 1990.

  • Contact: P.O. Box 10472 Mt Washington, MD 21209, Phone: (410) 585-1455, (800) 863-1374 Fax: (410) 585-0081
  • Website:

6. Miniature Dolls House Items

Note that you require patience to do these home assembly jobs because the items are small. There are many items to choose from. A miniature jewellery box is one of the items you can assemble for them and they will pay you $5.00 for each box.

There is no limit on the number of items you can return to them. For a colour brochure and complete information send 2 loose stamps to the address above.

  • Contact: Phone: (407) 872-0588 (Disconnected), Fax: (407) 872-0599, Address: PO Box 568904, Orlando, FL – 32856
  • Website: –

7. Cow Refrigerator Magnets

This job needs you to assemble little cow refrigerator magnets made from felt. The only tools needed are straight pins, scissors and glue. No experience is needed. They will pay $20.00 for one completed unit (12) magnets made to their quality standards. You can assemble 4 units per month. This company reimburses for postage.

  • Contact: Edie’s Elephant Company, Address: 11362 Appleton Redford, MI 48240, Phone Number: (313) 255-6485

8. Fabric Design

These include: Sew Glamour Bow, No Sew Princess Hair Tie, and No Sew Fabric Gift Box. The company Desert design has been in business for 15 years. This home assembly job offers customer service & technical support. All that is needed to complete these products is to cut, fold and glue them.

They will accept 4 units per week per product. Each unit consists of 36 pieces. For every 4 units completed you will receive $520.00, that is $110.00 per unit plus an additional $20.00 to cover supply cost.

  • Contact: Phone: (775) 782-4537 Fax: (775) 782-6093, Address: 1420 Industrial Way STE 1, Gardnerville, NV – 89410-5744

9. Coasters

You can assemble coasters while watching TV. They are made from plastic canvas and stitched with yarn. Make a unit of six and they will pay you $20.00. The company accepts 3 orders per month.

  • Contact Address: 11362 Appleton Redford, MI 48240, Phone: (313) 255-6485

10. Enchanted Hearts

The only tools needed are a glue gun and a sharp pair of scissors. These 3-inch wooden hearts, wrapped in satin ribbon and lovely bouquet of roses with streamers are easy to assemble. Follow simple instructions and illustrations. They supply all materials with a small deposit.

They pay by the unit (12) hearts per unit. You will be paid $7.40 for approximately one hour’s work. This company is in good standing with all consumer agencies.

  • Contact: Phone: (248) 543-4031, Address: P.O. Box 359, Eastpointe, MI 48021

11. Circuit Boards

Electronic laboratories pay $4.09 for each board assembled. It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble one board. Write for information. They claim to have been in business for past 22 years. If you do happen to write to them, definitely ask for a phone number to speak to someone in person. You can apply online or write to them on:

  • Contact address: Electronic Laboratories, Microcontrollers, P.O. PO Box 5164,Rome GA 30162
  • Website:

12. Handcrafted Bookmarks

Easy Mark by Rets produces and distributes quality hand crafted specially designed bookmarks. Assemble 35 bookmarks (1unit) and receive $117.50 plus $15.00 for supplies. They accept 3 units per week. You can earn $352.50 weekly. This business also goes by the names of JD’s Key chains and Sunrise Greeting Cards.

  • Contact: Rets, Inc. Phone: (601) 845-5028,
  • Address: 103 Sharanne Lane, Brandon, MS 39042-942
  • EASY MARK BY RETS, P.O. Box 504, Dept AHLF, Florence, MS 39073

13. Greeting Cards

Sunrise greeting cards produce and distribute quality, handcrafted, specially designed, cross-stitched greeting cards, which are suitable for any occasion. Note that the startup kit cost is $20.00, the registration is $12.00 and the shipping and handling is $7.95 that totals to be a one-time fee of $39.95.

When you sign up, they will rush your startup kit to you! In your kit, you get easy to follow instructions, clear diagrams, a customer help number and all the materials needed to make your first unit of Sun Rise Greeting Cards!

For each unit that passes quality control, you get $126.00 for the profit of the greeting cards and $20.00 reimbursement for the supplies and postage, which totals to be $146.00 per unit. The company will purchase a maximum of 4 units per week and a minimum of 1 unit per 60 days.

  • Customer Service: 800-644-8419, Sunrise Greeting Cards Inc. P.O. Box 510 Florence, MS, 39073

14. Suede Leather Hair Bows

Tongue River need workers to assemble their suede leather hair bows. They request that the product be completed and returned by units of 10 bows each. They will pay you $60.00 gross and $2.00 shipping. They will accept a maximum of five units per week.

  • Contact Address: TONGUE RIVER BOWS P.O. Box 6399-W Sheridan, WY 82801

15. Leather Key Chains

Western Leather Creations are looking for people to hand tool their leather key chains. They request that their product be completed and returned by units of 20 pieces each. For each unit they will pay you $60.00 for production plus $15.00 for supply cost reimbursement. They pay shipping up to $2.00 per unit. Earn $77.00 per unit. No Quota mentioned.

  • Contact Address: (307) 655-9648 Address: 1842 Sugarland Dr # 108 Ste 159, Sheridan, WY – 82801-5775

16. Glass Beaded Jewelleries

California Coastal Jewellery needs independent producers to assemble glass-beaded earrings. You can earn up to $290.00 weekly! No experience necessary. Special projects available are also for interested producers. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above address.

  • Contact Address: 315 S Coast Hwy 101 #U PMB 533 Encinitas, CA 92024

17. Bracelets

Pin Jewellery manufactures and distributes the “Pin Jewel Bracelet”. This bracelet is designed with safety pins and crystal beads and strung together with silver cording. No experience or tools needed. They will pay for all materials and return postage.

You will be paid 22.00 for every unit of 12 bracelets you submit to the company. Use your imagination—come up with your own designs, they allow it. This company is in good standing with all consumer agencies.

  • Contact Address: P.O. Box 224, Eastpointe, MI 48021

18. Miniature Crafts

Tiny Details makes beautiful and realistic dollhouse miniature accessories. There is such a large variety of items to make for this company. Their website shows each item what it entails and how much money they pay.

  • Make Chinese Takeout Sets—they will pay $100.00 for 50 Chinese takeout sets
  • Make Dairy Set—they will pay $85.00 for 50 dairy sets
  • Make Cream Cheese boxes—they will pay $50.00 for 100 boxes
  • Make Gold Tinsel Box—they will pay $75.00 for 100 boxes

Contact Address: P.O. BOX 85 GROTON,NY-13073-0085, Order Department Phone: 877 489 2900, Service Dept. Phone: 607 898 9046, Fax: 607 898 9132,

19. String Marionette Puppets

They are 18” tall- wood framed. All parts are pre-cut & pre drilled. They pay $8.00 per puppet. You can earn $400.00 per week.

  • Contact: Northwest Assemble (405) 256-1524, Address: 2006 E. 2nd Street, Woodward, OK – 73801

20. Flowers

Quick works has been in business for 10 years. They need serious home workers to assemble flowers. They pay $70.12 for labour, plus $53.16 for materials for each box of 24 dozen flowers. Earn $369.84 weekly per family.

  • Contact: Phone: (520) 356-6923, Address: 9820 N. Malpais, Winkelman, AZ 85192

21. String Art

You will be paid $39.37 per completed picture. They will accept a maximum of 16 String Art pictures per week for $630.00.

  • Contact: Phone: (937) 599-1293 Fax: (937) 599-1793, Address: 500 N Main St Apt 1, Bellefontaine, OH – 43311
  • Website:

22. Kitchen Collectables

These include hand-sew or cross-stitch towel holders or children’s placemats. Sunlight Company pays $100.00 for a completed unit of towel holders or children’s placemats. One unit consists of 20. You can submit 3 units weekly.

  • Contact: Phone: (707) 446-6316, Address: PO Box 700, Vacaville, CA – 95696-0700
  • Website:

23. Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Creations will pay you $30.00 per unit of 10 Christmas ornaments you assemble. This company has been in business over 12 years.

  • Contact: Phone: (407) 381-0236 Address: 12472 Lake Underhill Rd., Orlando, FL 32828

24. Magical Gifts

Magical Gifts is one of the largest home assembly companies. They have over 25 items to assemble. No experience necessary. Their products include painting, fibre, clay, glue gun and sewing projects. They claim double pay for the first 30 days.

They also pay $100.00 holiday bonus for top producers. Visit their website for a large verity of items to make, or send them a SAES for more information.

  • Contact: Phone: (860) 482-3955, Fax: (860) 482-463
  • Website:
  • Address: 38 Main St Torrington, CT 06790-5303

25. Butterfly Flowers

Hilltop Flowers has promoted a specific craft design. This is called the “Butterfly Flower”. It’s fun to do and no special skills are needed. They pay $114.50 per unit and they accept 3 units per week. Earn $342.15.

  • Contact: PO Box 748 WN Franklinton, NC 27525.

26. Crystal Beaded Christmas Spiders

They are assembled with crystal beads & gold wire. The only tools needed are a glue gun and scissors. They will pay you $19.50 for each unit. There are 24 spiders in a unit. These spiders take only minutes to make. They will supply all material with a small deposit, which you will receive back once you have completed the product. They pay all postage. Lisa’s fancy is in good standing with all consumer agencies.

  • Contact: (248) 543-4031, 543-4031, 543-4031 (248) 643-9322
  • Address: 740 W. Eleven Mile Road Madison Heights, MI 48071.

27. The Boo-boo Bunny

This art is assembled by simply folding a washcloth, held with a rubber band and applying felt ears, nose, eyes, and tail. Scissors and Glue gun needed. They pay $17.25 for each unit of 10 bunnies. Lisa’s Fancy has been in business since 1989.

  • Contact: (248) 543-4031, 543-4031, 543-4031 (248) 643-9322
  • Address: 740 W. Eleven Mile Road Madison Heights, MI 48071.

28. Hat Sachets

Lisa’s Fancy has been employing people since 1990 to assemble their beautiful hat sachets. These take only a few minutes to assemble. They provide all materials for a small deposit and they pay all postage. They have a customer service line to help you and answer your questions. They pay $18.80 for each unit of 12 sachets.

  • Contact: (248) 543-4031, 543-4031, 543-4031 (248) 643-9322
  • Address: 740 W. Eleven Mile Road Madison Heights, MI 48071.

29. Pen Pets

These whimsical desk mates will keep pens and pencils at hand, while keeping notes, business cards and photos on constant display. Supplies needed are cardboard mailing tube; 20-gauge wire and craft form sheets into creative and functional pen pets.

Kalas Craft pay $125.00 for 25 pen pets. This company is a member in good standing with Henry County Chamber of Commerce. Earning potential is $1,500.00 monthly.

  • Kalas Craft: Toll Free: 1-800-576-1066, or Customer Service: 770-507-6296

30. Frames

Assemble 4 X 6 cloth and lace frames. Makin’ It Easy, Inc. Company is a member of Henry County Chamber of Commerce. They will pay you $112.50 per unit of 25 frames. They will reimburse you for supplies plus $5.00 in shipping when you return the complete frames. Earning potential is $1,350.00 monthly.

  • Toll Free: 1-800-642-8702, or Customer Service: 770-389-9833

31. Hair Clips and Evening Purses

HOMESPUN is searching for people to assemble their line of products at home. Flexible hours … extra income! They are a family owned corporation and have offered their product line made by independent contractors since 1989. They offer a choice of beaded earrings, hair clips, or elegant evening purses.

Choose one or all the items to make. You can work from home making jewellery for them. Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope for more information.

  • Contact: P.O. Box 3338 Fairfield, CA 94533

32. Special Order Crafts

This is a company that offers different products and crafts to assembly from home. It lists 4 other companies under it, Kalas Crafts, Gussie’s Gift, Hands on Hobbies and Makin It Easy. You will find them all listed here with their contact details.

  • Address: 2055 Panola Road, Ellenwood, GA 30294, Business hours: Monday – Friday 9-5 EST.
  • Website:

33. Wedding Jewellery

Gussie’s Gifts, Inc. offers a variety of home assembly jobs.

  • Flower Girl Door Hangers…. They are made with macramé’ cord, ribbon, and 3” brass ring! They will pay $125.00 per 25 units. Potential earrings $1,350.00
  • Happiness Bells… These beautiful 2 inch bells are made of imitation pearls and are popular for weddings and special occasions. Simply string loose pearls together using a needle & thread! They will pay $120.00 for a unit of 20 bells.
  • Dream Catchers…. Three inch mini dream catchers are always a hit. They will show you how they are made. Using a 3 inch metal ring, hemp cording, pony beads, feathers & string! You can make these lovely Indian icons. No tools required. The will pay $125.00 for every unit of 25 dream catchers. Send in up to 3 units per week.
  • Toll Free: 1-800-574-2115, or Customer Service: 770-389-7395
  • Website:

34. Angel Magnets

This home assembly job is again a glue and scissors job. The product is an angel magnet and constructed of quality fabric, lace and wood. They pay $120.00 per unit of 30. They accept 3 units per week. Earn $1,440.00 per month.

  • Gussie’s Gifts , Inc. Toll Free: 1-800-574-2115, or Customer Service: 770-389-7395
  • Website:

Kindly remember that this information is unverified. The so called product assembly jobs are mostly defunct and not a reliable way to make an income. It is advisable you extensively communicate with the company before deciding to do any home assembly job.